Welcome to the virtual course of RV Buyers Bootcamp! The lessons you are about to watch are recordings of our in-person event held in Tampa, FL on January 11th, 2020. Each lesson covers a different topic and our goal is to walk you through the buying process; starting from choosing the right RV for your lifestyle all the way through hitting the road. RV Buyers Bootcamp will teach you how to pick out the best RV, learn tips and tricks for negotiating and financing, perform a virtual pre-delivery inspection, find friends on the road, and so much more!

To access each lesson, simply click on the title below. Each lesson is organized in the following manner:

  1. Lesson Overview: This tells you what to expect in this lesson.
  2. Presentation Recording: Press the play button in the bottom left corner to start the presentation.
  3. Presentation Slides: You can follow along with the presentation by scrolling up and down on the slides. If you would like to download a PDF copy of the slides, select “download” at the bottom of this section.
  4. Resources: This section includes links and PDF documents that were provided at the in-person event and will help you in your RV journey.

You can navigate to the next or previous lesson using the left or right arrows on the bottom of the page. To get back to this overview page, click “Virtual Course” at the top of the page at any time.